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If you missed the date for handing in your cap and gown order (November 21 & 21), please mail it directly to Miners Grad Services; 1885 River Road; Eugene, OR  97404.  DO NOT BRING IT TOTHE COUNSELING OFFICE
SENIORS/PARENTS - Final transcripts will be sent out the week after graduation.  Each senior gives college information as part of their check-out procedure so it is not necessary to call and remind us.  Thank you for helping us get all students paperwork completed!
NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION - PLEASE bring the following items to expedite registration for your student:
  • Proof of address (recently dated bill with your name and address - NO DRIVERS LICENSES) or copy of waiver acceptance if you live outside of Mountain View's boundaries
  • Medical info - doctor name and phone number
  • Contact Info - who can we call if we can't contact you?
  • Transcript from previous school
  • Immunization Records
  • Birth Certificate

If you are new to the Bend - La Pine Schools, please visit our counseling office for an appointment to register and meet with a counselor.  PLEASE bring the following list of items when you are ready to schedule an appointment
*  Completed new student packet (obtain from Nancy Byers in Counseling)
*  Recently dated proof of your current address (utility bill, home purchase agreement, rental agreement, etc. - NOTE:  DRIVERS LICENSES ARE NOT APPROVED PROOF OF YOUR ADDRESS)
*  Transcript or grade reports from last school - If you do not have this, please contact your last school before making an appointment - we want to make sure that your student has an appropriate schedule that won't need adjustments due to not knowing previous marks/levels.

Calendar Items for Counseling:
SAT dates - click link above to see all the dates for this school year
November 13 - SENIORS! - Miners Grad Services will be here for a cap and gown meeting
November 13 - First Senior Meeting
November 14 - 6PM - Library - Financial Aid and Scholarship Night - OSU-Cascades and COCC will be here to discuss how to make going to college possible for everyone
November 20 and 21 - Miners will be here to pick up cap and gown orders
November 22 - Senior Pictures are due - questions?  Contact Ms. Zilk
December  12 and 13 - College 101 - OSU Cascades - 9:30 - 2:00 - Go to their website for more info to find out how to experience college life for a day
January 23 - FAFSA night -OSU Cascades/COCC - Time TBA - come get individual support for filling out this financial aid application
The district will accept exchange students from other nations on a J-1 Visa who reside within the district as participants in an officially recognized exchange program.  Students on any other visa may NOT be enrolled.  Students entering a district school on an exchange are admitted for a one year period only.  Exchange students are not eligible for a BLPS or standard diploma unless they meet all graduation requirements.  Principals approve foreign exchange students in the SPRING for the upcoming school year.  Enrollment may be limited to four at Bend High, Mountain View, Summit and two at La Pine High School.  This limitation is exclusive of community-based programs sponsored by local service clubs. Principals may approve admission of additional exchange students.

TEENS:  If you need to talk to another teen about things like relationships, family issues, depression, or just anything,
call 1-877-533-TEEN or 1-503-244-1611 or access Oregon Youth Line at

College bound?  Keep reading......
What do admissions officers consider?
When looking at college applicants, admissions officers consider:
  • Courses taken in high school - Students who take challenging courses will be considered better prepared
    for college than students who take the easier route through high school.
  • Grades - A Student's grade point average and class standing is important to admissions officers
  • College entrance exam scores - colleges use your scores to determine your readiness for college
    academics and which courses you are prepared to take during your freshman year.
  • Extracurricular activities - Are you involved in high school activities, and will you be involved on campus? 
    Students who are involved in campus activities are more likely to remain in college and thrive on campus.
  • College Essay - Some colleges require essays and use them to judge writing skills and to learn more
    about you as an individual.
  • Interview - If required, it is important for you to present yourself as someone who is bright, articulate,
    and interested in being involved in the school.  Be honest about yourself and let them see the real you.
  • Whether the college is the right fit for you - will you like the lifestyle of the particular campus? 
    Will you fit in with fellow classmates?  Does the campus have activities that match your interests?
Checklist for making the most out of high school:
  • Take classes recommended for college preparation. 
  • Talk to your counselor. 
  • Use testing information
  • Examine your scores and take extra courses or get tutoring assistance for weaker academic areas.
  • Establish goals for each school year.  Talk to your counselor about what you should be doing considering your college and career plans.
  • Explore careers through research and experiences.  Use a career counseling program and do a job shadow or internships in careers you are interested in pursuing.
  • Surf the Internet for information on education and career planning.  
  • Take a college entrance exam during your junior year.
  • Never stop learning.  Education is a lifelong pursuit.

Steps Your College-Bound Student-Athletes
Must Take to Participate in NCAA Divisions I or II Athletics


  • At the beginning of their junior year, log on to the Eligibility Center Web site at and register.
  • Register to take the ACT, SAT or both, and use the Eligibility Center code "9999" as a score recipient.
  • Double check to make sure that they are taking courses that match their high school's NCAA List of Approved Core Courses.
  • Request that their high school guidance counselor send an official transcript to the Eligibility Center after completing their junior year.
    (The Eligibility Center does NOT accept faxed transcripts.)
  • Prior to registration for their senior year, check with their guidance counselor and the Eligibility Center to determine the number of
    core courses that need to be completed their senior year.


  • They may take the SAT and/or ACT as often as they feel necessary. The Eligibility Center will use the best scores from each section
    of the ACT or SAT to determine their best cumulative score.
  • Continue to take core courses.
  • Check to make sure that they are taking courses that match their high school's NCAA List of Approved Core Courses.
  • Review their amateurism questionnaire responses and request final amateurism certification beginning April 1 (for fall enrollees)
    or October 1 (for spring enrollees).
  • Continue to earn the best grades possible.
  • Graduate on time (in eight academic semesters). If they fall behind, use summer school sessions prior to graduation to catch up.
  • After graduation, request that their high school guidance counselor send their final transcript with proof of graduation.


  • for college-bound student-athletes to complete their registration and check their status with the Eligibility
    Center. Also to download and print a copy of the 2009-10 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.
  • -Under "Academics & Athletes" section, click on "Eligibility and Recruiting" and then click on "Information
    for College-Bound Student-Athletes and Parents."


The Eligibility Center has created a high school direct phone line. Please contact the Eligibility Center with your questions at 877-622-2321.


Please visit the School to Career page for information on any of the following:

  • Scholarship Information
  • College Visitations 
  • SAT/ACT Test Information